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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Transit Day, Part 2

With the Transit well underway, it was a perfect time to visit the summit. Our group had organized several runs to the summit, making it easy to plan the day around key Transit times. The road to the summit is … Continue reading

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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Transit Day Minus 1

2012 June 04. The Sky and Telescope Transit of Venus group had converged at Waikoloa Beach. The reception the night before had been a lot more enjoyable than I’d have imagined: good food, good conversation, and dark, lovely skies. This … Continue reading

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Retro-Blogging the Transit Trip

The road to Hell is said to be paved with good intentions. I had every intention of posting daily updates on my Transit of Venus expedition. Hmm — could that have been Infernal Flames flickering on my blog-road? Sorting and … Continue reading

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One Mind-Boggling Transit Day

Well, it’s come and gone for another 105.5 years. And we couldn’t have asked for the day to have worked out any better. Well, we could have, but we’d have had to be daft! Even with a stiff breeze at … Continue reading

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‘Twas the Night Before Transit…

…and all through the resort, a whole bunch of amateur astronomers wondered what would happen in the morning. There’s a low pressure system wrapping around the Big Island, and the Sun’s been playing hide ‘n’ seek with clouds for the … Continue reading

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