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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Mauna Kea’s Summit

There are people I know who live for their next trip. On the other hand, I put up with travel when I have a good reason. Seeing the Transit of Venus from Hawaii added up to a good enough reason. … Continue reading

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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Transit Day, Part 3

The 13 observatories on Mauna Kea are scattered at different locations around the upper mountain.  Optical and infrared observatories are on the high ridges. Just below the optical/IR telescopes is an area known informally as “Submillimeter Valley.”  The observatories here … Continue reading

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More Things on the Bucket List

It’s hard to cap such a wonderful Transit of Venus experience, but visiting Mauna Kea and its observatories has been a personal dream for many years. After the Transit, I spent a few more days in Hawaii. All my contingency … Continue reading

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