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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Visiting Gemini North

2012 June 08 – My visit to the Gemini North observatory added a new dimension to my trip. For this, my fourth visit to Mauna Kea’s summit, I’d have to drive to the summit myself. (You can see the photos … Continue reading

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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Visiting CFHT

2012 June 07 – The Sky and Telescope Venus Transit Tour was over. A small sub-group was heading out to visit the Imiloa Astronomy Center, but most of us were leaving the group. I was staying in Hawaii for a … Continue reading

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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Transit Day, Part 2

With the Transit well underway, it was a perfect time to visit the summit. Our group had organized several runs to the summit, making it easy to plan the day around key Transit times. The road to the summit is … Continue reading

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More Things on the Bucket List

It’s hard to cap such a wonderful Transit of Venus experience, but visiting Mauna Kea and its observatories has been a personal dream for many years. After the Transit, I spent a few more days in Hawaii. All my contingency … Continue reading

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