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Stories of the Transit

Amazing! It’s coming up on two months since the Transit of Venus.  More reports of Transit observations are coming out, including one of the first professional reports I’ve seen. Early results for the Venus Twilight Experiment have recently been released.  … Continue reading

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Venus Transit Retro-Blog: Transit Day, Part 3

The 13 observatories on Mauna Kea are scattered at different locations around the upper mountain.  Optical and infrared observatories are on the high ridges. Just below the optical/IR telescopes is an area known informally as “Submillimeter Valley.”  The observatories here … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for the Transit of Venus

With the Transit of Venus coming in a few short weeks, there’s not a lot of time to get ready.  You really do need to prepare for this. The day of the Transit will be a lousy time to find … Continue reading

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Transits of Venus

Very infrequently, people on Earth get to see Venus transit the Sun. The pattern seems odd: two transits 8 years apart, then an interval of over a century. Our last Transit of Venus was in 2004, on June 8th. The … Continue reading

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