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Stories of the Transit

Amazing! It’s coming up on two months since the Transit of Venus.  More reports of Transit observations are coming out, including one of the first professional reports I’ve seen. Early results for the Venus Twilight Experiment have recently been released.  … Continue reading

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Trying Stuff Out

With the Transit of Venus coming up very soon, I’ve been taking every opportunity to practice observing and photographing the Sun. For the last few practice sessions, I’ve been trying out different equipment and techniques. This sort of thing might … Continue reading

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Another Hyped-up Full Moon

Here we go again — more of this “Supermoon” hype.  Here’s the unhyped reality. This month’s full moon happens to occur when the moon is near perigee — its closest approach to Earth.  You’ll see all kinds of statistics:  “X% … Continue reading

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Showing the Sun to the Public

Observing the Sun is one of the few astronomical activities that can hurt you. Yes, I know I’ve mentioned this before. I have to be uncharacteristically stern about this one. If you don’t observe the Sun properly, you could blind … Continue reading

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International Astronomy Day 2012

Saturday, 2012 April 28 is International Astronomy Day. It’s an annual event to celebrate astronomy and get more of the general public involved. Astronomy clubs and museums (and other groups, too) will be setting up outreach events. You’ll find a … Continue reading

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