Stories of the Transit

Amazing! It’s coming up on two months since the Transit of Venus.  More reports of Transit observations are coming out, including one of the first professional reports I’ve seen. Early results for the Venus Twilight Experiment have recently been released.  Some of this work will help with work on exoplanets — not just discovering them, but learning about their characteristics. And, just for fun, some of the images are just spectacular!

Here’s a wonderful video that showcases the Transit of Venus as seen by Jay Pasachoff’s Venus  Twilight Experiment observation team on Haleakala. That was about 120 kilometers from our observing sites on Mauna Kea. (Damn! I forgot to wave! 🙂 )

Haleakala, Maui’s highest point (10,023 feet), peeks through the cloud deck.

The Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has been compiling reports of public Transit observing events. Tens of thousands of people came out to observe the Transit of Venus. For many of them, it would have been their first astronomical event. I’m hoping it won’t be their last. True, skywatching is not everyone’s passion, but I think most people enjoy a few hours under the stars.

Three photos giving a quick look at the 2012 Transit of Venus

You might want to take a look at some of the RASC’s Transit stories. There are a lot of images, ranging from the gorgeous to the amusing.


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