Retro-Blogging the Transit Trip

The road to Hell is said to be paved with good intentions. I had every intention of posting daily updates on my Transit of Venus expedition. Hmm — could that have been Infernal Flames flickering on my blog-road? Sorting and processing hundreds of photos a day on a netbook proved to be a bit more of a task than I’d imagined.

To be fair to myself, I wasn’t able to post at all on my first two days in Hawaii. The promised in-room internet for my Honolulu hotel wasn’t working, and I suppose getting maintenance done over the weekend isn’t easy anywhere.
So, for anyone interested in after-the-fact blogging, I’ll be posting a series of more detailed missives on my Hawaiian Transit of Venus Trip.

The sun and the disc of  Venus, just after 2nd Contact. photographed from Mauna Kea. The background is a view of Waikoloa Beach, at dawn on Transit Day. Photos and composite graphic © 2012 by Tim Cole All Rights Reserved


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