‘Twas the Night Before Transit…

…and all through the resort, a whole bunch of amateur astronomers wondered what would happen in the morning. There’s a low pressure system wrapping around the Big Island, and the Sun’s been playing hide ‘n’ seek with clouds for the last two days. There’s a chance of snow or frost on Mauna Kea tonight, and forecasts for high winds on the summit.  So, we might miss out on getting to the summit.

Our very cool event organizers have been working on extra contingency plans, so we’ll end up with the best possible shot at observing the Transit. For astronomy, what more could anyone expect?

A’a lava, patchy scrub, and a mountain in the background

This time tomorrow, we’ll all know what happened. So, I’m going to something very uncharacteristic: shut up and go to sleep! 🙂


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Astronomy enthusiast and educator, all-around fancier of dark skies and starry nights
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