International Astronomy Day 2012

Saturday, 2012 April 28 is International Astronomy Day. It’s an annual event to celebrate astronomy and get more of the general public involved. Astronomy clubs and museums (and other groups, too) will be setting up outreach events. You’ll find a lot of amateur astronomers set up in public venues, all of them eager to share their enthusiasm with passers-by.

Helen Sawyer Hogg Observatory

CSTM's Helen Sawyer Hogg Observatory
(Photo courtesy Mindy Parent)

It’s a great opportunity to learn, to check out a lot of cool gear, and perhaps take in some wonderful sights. You’ll find that most of the events are either free or included in the fees you’d always pay for museums and the like. Some of the folks running the events might have a bit of free swag to hand out — not the kind of stuff they give out on Oscar Night, but free is always good, right?

For folks in Ottawa, there will be events at the Canada Science and Technology Museum. As long as the weather spirits (demons?) cooperate, we’ll be set up for solar astronomy over the day and “regular” astronomy after nightfall. There will be indoor activities, too. If you had questions about astronomy, here’s a chance to ask a bunch of knowledgeable people who’ll do their best to find answers for you. As an added bonus, the museum’s Helen Sawyer Hogg Observatory will be open, giving you a chance to see (and with decent weather, look through) a wonderful century-old refractor.

Give yourself a break from Tax Season, meet some very cool people, and see some cool stuff.


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